Knob Hall Winery

I’ve been enjoying the past month in the States with my family and friends. One friend in particular shares my appreciation of photography and we often try to go on at least one photoshoot together when I’m in town. This time around we settled on visiting the vineyard at Knob Hall Winery. Now, I’d like to preface the photos with this statement…I know that photos at midday (especially on a summer day) are not ideal for the softer look we were hoping for, however the winery was only open during the hottest and brightest hours of the day, so it was all or nothing. The people at Knob Hall were very kind and showed us where we could walk freely to take pictures and then they even took us back to the vineyard to walk among the sea of vines for photos. The venue provided space to practice both landscape and portrait shots. Thanks for the fun day Naomi!