Gettysburg; Homage and Respect

While visiting with my family in Pennsylvania for my brother’s wedding, I got to visit my grandparents’ graveside with my parents and cousins. My grandmother was born and raised in Gettysburg and now she and my grandpap are buried there with her parents and one of her brothers. It was early evening and I loved capturing the long shadows that the gravestones cast.

My favorite part of the evening was afterwards when we went to Little Round Top and then Devil’s Den, my favorite places on the Battlefield. My uncle and cousins were so hungry they thought we were eating dinner picnic style on top of Little Round Top…we laughed when we turned around to see the Styrofoam cooler of fried chicken being carted up the path just before “Taps” was played by a Civil War uniformed bugler. The fried chicken was saved for the side of the road behind Devil’s Den, a bit more of an acceptable picnic spot. My photographic eye was in heaven at the battlefield at this time of evening. Looking forward to returning again for more time with my camera.