White Christmas Eve

This morning I told my friend in Omaha that we don’t often have White Christmases in the Cumberland Valley. She on the other hand was enjoying the days after a blizzard and looking… Continue reading

Puerto Madero 11.25

One of my favorite places in the city to visit and to photograph is Puerto Madero. I especially love it at dusk when the sun is setting and the light reflects off the… Continue reading

The Metamorphosis of Jack Sparrow/ La Metamorfosis de Jack Sparrow

This past weekend I went with my photography class to see the vendors of the  San Telmo antique market dressed up in time period costum es. I’m not really sure what the period… Continue reading

Trip to Los Cocos Early 2012

For Easter 2012 I went to Los Cocos in Cordoba, Argentina. It was the most refreshing week of my life. Lots of time spent outside, hours with friends and lots of coffee and… Continue reading

Torneo de Pato 10.14

We finally go to see a real game of Pato in Campo de Mayo. It was kind of like basketball on horses. Have I mentioned they used to play this with a real… Continue reading

Weekends in the City (Los Findes en la Ciudad)

When the sun comes out we like to explore the city. From slacklining to open-air book fairs (where the men were playing dominoes) to walking through the city. Cuando hay sol, nos gusta… Continue reading

Rose Garden (Rosedal)…without the roses (sin las rosas)

We spent a spring Sunday morning at the rose garden in Palermo. The roses weren’t in bloom yet, but I was okay with that, flowers aren’t my favorite thing to photograph. I enjoyed… Continue reading

Capilla del Señor

Spent a windy Argentine holiday at Capilla del Señor, a small pueblo near San Antonio de Areco. It has two train stations where we spent most of our time. I was intrigued by… Continue reading

Japanese Garden 9.12

Entering the garden on this spring morning we felt like we were entering another world. A Japanese garden in the middle of the city created a nice escape from the noise and chaos… Continue reading

Carlos Keen 8.12

Perfect day in a tiny pueblo outside Buenos Aires. We started at the abandoned train tracks and station and made our way around the town. Great day to be outside.